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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Butthole Surfers - 1983 Bootleg

Not many bands are as debaucherous as the Butthole Surfers. I can go on a two hour rant as to why this band is so amazing down to their batshit crazy haircuts but I will only talk about the music. Beneath the wild and crazy antics of the band and the hilarious stories they have to tell is a rollercoaster ride of zany sounds that changes up nearly every release.

This is the earliest example I've heard of the Butthole Surfers. There may be recorded material earlier but the production on this is very good for what it is and while you can definitely tell its the Butthole Surfers, the sound isn't exactly what you would expect it to be in their 1983 release. First off the songs seem to have more thought out structures where stuff right after it is everywhere. Songs like Radical West and Matchstick don't sound like your average Butthole song where as something like Something and I Hate My Job is. I feel this version of Something is better then the one on the EP. The saxophone and slide guitar blend together really well making one of the most hypnotic yet upbeat drones I've heard.

If you've heard the early Butthole Stuff then you are doing yourself a disservice not checking this out. This band is one of the craziest bands to happen and while their live act and outside antics seem to proceed them underneath the mess is a really unique and complex band.

I'm Tired, I'm Frustrated, I'm Full of Shit and I Hate My Fucking Job!!!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Tommy Wright III - On The Run

I've recently been shown Tommy Wright III and his incredible style and I must say this is an instant favorite. I've always been into 90's Southern rap especially the whole Horrorcore/murder rap style that was prominent in that area. The beats on On The Run are mystical, eerie and hard. If you are a fan of production like early Three 6 Mafia this is definitely for you. Songs like Manslaughter and Last Alternative put you in a haze especially with the extremely catchy hooks. Other songs like Gangsta Forever, Getting Crunk and Die Nigga Die are "spooky" with dissonant sounding piano and orchestral lines.

The lyrics and flows on here are spot fucking on as well. TWIII's style is very fast and almost sung, a style that is known in the south especially Memphis. All the guests on the album add something to the songs, my favorites being La Chat and Project Pimp who are great in their own right. The unique thing about this album is its not totally focused on just Tommy rather 10 Wanted Men and various others from the southern Memphis scene. The lyrics focus on street life, murder, death, and various other things. As I said previously the hooks on here are on point and extremely catchy. The Bone Thugs diss is one of the best diss tracks I've heard as well. As much as I love Bone Thugs, I can't back up anything they say.

Everything by Tommy Wright III is extremely rare as it seems to be made in small quantities and re-issued only once or twice mostly on cassette as well. Getting a copy is hard and costly as they usually fetch very high prices but something like this is totally worth it. Apparently he is working on a new album. I'm only a tiny bit hesitant as TWIII has 4 near perfect releases but the question is if the beats will reminisce something similar to older styles or if he will incorporate newer and more modern sounds?

Regardless, On The Run is a classic in Southern Rap. Glad I heard these songs.