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Sunday, July 7, 2013

G.I.S.M. - M.A.N.

G.I.S.M. A mysterious band from Japan that has worldwide recognition as one of the first hardcore punk bands from that region. However in my opinion they were far beyond a "punk" band, but not very similar to all the heavy metal bands from around that time. They had heavy metal guitar solo's and drumming but rough and edgy production and a frightening vocalist. Their image was dark and unknown, not revealing much about themselves and creating an air of mystique around the band.

Their first album was an intense amalgamation of metal and hardcore creating something completely unique and radical for that time period. The second album saw G.I.S.M. exploring heavy metal, industrial and noise with the release of M.A.N. The production is still raw and gritty as with the previous album Detestation, but the guitars, bass and drums are more clearer. It has a more metal sound, with plenty of reverb that you can nearly swim in it. It's almost cavernous sounding and adds a lot to the songs since the style is more heavy metal then punk.

The sound in my opinion is almost "epic" NWOBHM. It is very similar to Iron Maiden at times with the galloping rhythms, wild melodic leads and extended soloing. The songs are more slower, tending to focus more on atmosphere and melodies then sheer speed and intensity. A listen to Meaning Corrupted 2 'Degeneration' shows a lighter side to G.I.S.M. with long sorrowful melodies, and an almost emotional delivery from the monstrous sounding Sakevi. Songs like Good As It Is and Meaning Corrupted 1 'Fatigue' show the Iron Maiden influence in the riffing with slick epic sounding guitar leads and melodies. The main melody to 'Fatigue' is one of the best heavy metal melodies I've ever heard in my life. It is a true headbanger, and makes me feel as if I can conquer a million man army. The same melody is repeated again on Meaning Corrupted 3 'Destruction' which starts off as more of a rough speed metal song which eventually degrades into the end of the album

The album includes two avant-garde ambient/noise tracks Anatomy Love Violence Gism and Military Affairs Neurotic. This is a showcase of the industrial/noise influence GISM has in their music and image. It's taken even further with their last album SoniCRIME TheRapy with more noise influences. These songs match the sound of the album well even though they don't really match the sound too well but the production is what kind of ties them together as well as vocalist Sakevi. His performance on this album is more mature then on Detestation with a more rougher and deeper growl that is more savage sounding then most extreme metal bands nowadays.

So we have an amazing metal album that is sorely underrated. Extremely difficult to find, yet it would be worth every penny. I implore you to check this band out more. What they have brought to heavy metal and punk is unlike what very few bands have done.

Military Affairs Neurotic

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