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Monday, July 22, 2013

Dark Angel - Darkness Descends

If I had to choose my favorite thrash metal band it would hands down be Dark Angel and their best album is hands down Darkness Descends. ]People like to say Slayer's Reign in Blood is a better album from 1986, however I feel its too short. Others will say Kreator's Pleasure to Kill is faster and more agressive. However the one thing that ruins that album is the awful solos and sloppiness.

Darkness Descends is a perfect example of thrash. It's fast, methodical and unrelenting. The songs are well constructed, the lyrics intelligent for this specific genre. The instrumentation on this album is top notch with Gene Hoglan showing his incredible talent on the skins. Rob Yahn shows incredible talent on the bass which is very prominent on this album (even though he left shortly after). Both guitarists have an extremely heavy tone and play intricate riffing. And of course Don Doty who has a wonderful yell. Always preferred him over Ron Rinehart.

This city is guilty, The crime is life, The sentence is death,Darkness descends!

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