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Saturday, May 11, 2013

No Zodiac - Population Control Review

No Zodiac. Bringing the hate mosh since 2009. From the city of Chicago comes the next big thing in hardcore (or at least for me) Since Harm's Way. Their album Population Control is kind of a game changer in my opinion. Mixing tough-as-fuck beatdown hardcore with the intensity of death metal and the nihilism of black metal, Population Control has a sound that is absolutely crushing.

Starting with the slow sludge-y song Rigor Mortis and exploding into the title track, the tone is set for the entire album. This band has everything that is good. Blast beats? Check. Slams? Check. Pissed off vocals? You know it.

I mean the breakdown in Population Control is probably the greatest ever made. Hatebreed ain't got nothing on these guys. The formula is right and they do it so well. The riffs are just heavy and the vocals and lyrics are so good. It's something that has to grow on you. And what I love is you can hear the death metal influences so much. The tremolo riffs in Irreversible are on par with any old school death metal band.

Check out the part at 1:14 on Track 5, Sadistic Intent. The song starts off with the heavy hardcore riffs and then goes into some ridiculous black metal riff that has an almost "epic" quality to it. And the lead melody's are awesome. You can hear an old track Non Existant redone on here. Much better quality then on the EP.

This album is almost flawless and if you've heard there earlier stuff the progression feels natural. Whatever comes after this is going to be some serious next level material. They are going on tour in Europe so go see them and buy the album here!

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