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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Update and Lärm - No One Can Be That Dumb

Hope everyone had a good 4/20 Record Store Day. Picked up a few neat things. Got the Filth Kick EP by Poison Idea and Ringworm Demo as well as Confuse's Nuclear Addicts boot leg and Whitehouse's Great White Death!

Today's band is the one and only Lärm! Fast straight edge hardcore punk from the Netherlands that takes no prisoners! My first encounter with this band was on their EP No One Can Be That Dumb. The sound is terrible on this. The guitars are just a sloppy pile of noise and the bass sounds like its coming through a practice amp. But the speed and ferocity of them makes this EP so great. Songs like Wodka, It's Not What it Seems to Be, Chemical Suicide, and Dollars and Roebels show how blisteringly fast this band can play. The lyrics are very politically motivated learning strongly to the left and straight edge but not coming off as whiny like modern day straightedge bands. Songs like No One Can Be That Dumb, Non Conformity, Up To You and Somewhere Over the Rainbow have lyrics about police violence, conformity and self realization. This is a precursor to what the early 90's thrashcore/powerviolence stuff would become.

As I said the guitars sound terrible and the bass kind of funny but this is still a great EP and a wonderful band. The EP after it, Nothing Is Hard in This World if You Dare to Scale the Heights is much heavier sounding and their more recent recording simply titled Lärm is a modern recording of older songs and some newer ones I believe. None the less, they broke up and formed Seein' Red and Manliftingbanner as well as some other bands but Lärm will always be my favorite.

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