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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Abdicate - Fragmented Atrocities

Abdicate are a brutal death metal band from Rochester, NY and with their new album they showcase some above average music. I say above average because it's brutal death metal. While I feel like there could be so much done with this style, its the same old, same old (Not that its bad). My expectations for brutal death metal are about as high as my expectations for fast food, just don't mess it up and I'll enjoy it. This album pretty much hits the spot.

The formula is pretty basic for brutal death metal, and the whole album kind of lacks any deviation but it's not bad. Like just about every brutal death metal band from 1998 and on, its more about the slams then anything. That's not a bad thing because its a good formula. However the only thing wrong with this album is the production. That's what always kills a good amount of death metal bands nowadays in my eyes. The drums and vocals are so overbearing they drown everything. The snare is compressed so much that its all you hear when the drum does blasts and it sounds terrible when he does his gravity blasts. The guitars and bass is pushed back and hard to hear expect during the slams.

While the guitars are quiet you can still hear the riffs and they are pretty good. Ranging from fast tremolo picks, palm muted breakdowns and fast death thrash type riffs. There is a good variety, and the songs differ. They aren't just fast part-faster part-slam repeat until they get bored. And the vocals aren't annoying after 10 seconds like more death metal bands nowadays. For a guy like the Yeti you can only expect the best. I wish he had some variation but it doesn't take away from the music.

All in all, its a good CD. It's what you come to expect from this band. The artwork is really nice and really captures the album title. And the last song is a Carnivore cover. I've honestly only heard one band do a Carnivore cover so it was nice to hear a band that resides in my city doing something as cool as that. Definitely something to look into.

Download the first three songs here!

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