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Thursday, April 4, 2013

5 Way Orgasm of Death review

So I was asked to review this 5 way split featuring Waves Crashing Piano Chords, Rosy Palms, Swallowing Bile, Sunken Cheek and Foot and Mouth Disease. All these bands are from Upstate NY (Expect for Rosy Palms where one of the members is from Rochester, NY) and its a killer record.

This record is  a combination of harsh noise and in your face power electronics. My favorite has to be Waves Crashing Piano Chords and Foot and Mouth Disease because I am a total fan boy for both those artists. Waves stuff is harsh and raw like it always is and Foot and Mouths stuff is great. Their collaboration at the end of the split is fantastic. Combining the harsh Moog synth soundscapes Foot and Mouth makes with the deranged vocals of Waves Crashing is like a dream come true.

Rosy Palms, Swallowing Bile and Sunken Cheeks tracks are fantastic as well. Sunken Cheek starts the B side with some really fucked up sounds. The Rosy Palms and Swallowing Bile songs make me very uncomfortable. Especially Rosy Palms second track Flesh Temple and Swallowing Bile's first track Dejavu.

The album had to be pro-mastered because it was so noisy (Which rules in my opinion) and will hopefully be out sooner then later but you can get it from Continuum. And while your there, get the Tunes from the Toilet Vol 1 comp. 55 Bands on one 7" record featuring just about every artist on this split as well as some other great ones (Like my grindcore band Controlled by Fear).

Check out everybody's facebooks and stuff and buy some of their records! There are so many too choose from and they all rule!

Foot and Mouth Disease
Sunken Cheek
Rosy Palms
Waves Crashing Piano Chords
Swallowing Bile

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