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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Brutal Truth - Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses

This band holds a special flame in my heart since they are homed in Rochester, NY. While that may not be the case now as the members live in various cities, Dan Lilker resides in Rochester and has been a great influence on metal and grind for many years. Brutal Truth was one of the first grindcore bands I heard. Their first album Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses is a knockout release. 15 tracks of bone crushing grindcore that borders on death metal at times.

While they didn't start the second wave of grindcore in a way they lead the US grindcore scene from the ashes of pioneers like Terrorizer and Repulsion. They rose through the ranks with bands like Assuck, Discordance Axis, Brujeria, Excruciating Terror and various others.

The album starts slowly with a haunting ambient intro and a sample. The first song Birth of Ignorance showcases a midpaced riff intro and the song leads into a thrash type riff which Brutal Truth uses a lot on this album as well as some heavy midpaced riffs and great tremolo picking. Songs like Stench of Profit, Walking Corpse, H.O.P.E. show the sheer speed this band shows as well as some technical riffs which Brutal Truth is known for. While most of the stuff this band has been done before by the death metal and grindcore bands before them, they use a lot of samples, power tools and noises in their songs. Also the production on this album is fantastic. Clean sounding yet not lacking any sort of heaviness. Some people cite this as a reason why this album isn't that great but it adds clarity especially during the blast sections. If you listen to From Enslavement to Obliteration it's hard to tell what's going on when they are blasting while with Extreme Conditions its pretty clear. The version I have includes a ton of bonus tracks. With bonus tracks from singles and EP's, as well as a Black Sabbath, Butthole Surfers and a few S.O.B. covers.

I have yet to check out their other albums like Need to Control and Kill Trend Suicide but I've heard they are really good and expand on the technical prowess and dissonant sounds of Extreme Conditions. Also Richard Hoak drums on those albums and he later starts Total Fucking Destruction which is another amazing band.

Check it out!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Update and Lärm - No One Can Be That Dumb

Hope everyone had a good 4/20 Record Store Day. Picked up a few neat things. Got the Filth Kick EP by Poison Idea and Ringworm Demo as well as Confuse's Nuclear Addicts boot leg and Whitehouse's Great White Death!

Today's band is the one and only Lärm! Fast straight edge hardcore punk from the Netherlands that takes no prisoners! My first encounter with this band was on their EP No One Can Be That Dumb. The sound is terrible on this. The guitars are just a sloppy pile of noise and the bass sounds like its coming through a practice amp. But the speed and ferocity of them makes this EP so great. Songs like Wodka, It's Not What it Seems to Be, Chemical Suicide, and Dollars and Roebels show how blisteringly fast this band can play. The lyrics are very politically motivated learning strongly to the left and straight edge but not coming off as whiny like modern day straightedge bands. Songs like No One Can Be That Dumb, Non Conformity, Up To You and Somewhere Over the Rainbow have lyrics about police violence, conformity and self realization. This is a precursor to what the early 90's thrashcore/powerviolence stuff would become.

As I said the guitars sound terrible and the bass kind of funny but this is still a great EP and a wonderful band. The EP after it, Nothing Is Hard in This World if You Dare to Scale the Heights is much heavier sounding and their more recent recording simply titled Lärm is a modern recording of older songs and some newer ones I believe. None the less, they broke up and formed Seein' Red and Manliftingbanner as well as some other bands but Lärm will always be my favorite.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Koriza - Koriza

This is some weird obscure metalcore/mathcore/screamo/experimental band from Russia that totally rips. The music is deep and complex but not in a nerdy progressive metal kind of way. The awesome part of this band is the dynamic of the band as they have a keyboard player who really makes this band shine adding a ton of atmosphere and variety between the crazy bass lines and tough guitar riffs. The vocals are sung in Russian and range from painful screams to quiet whispers and a lot in between.

Download it now!

Abdicate - Fragmented Atrocities

Abdicate are a brutal death metal band from Rochester, NY and with their new album they showcase some above average music. I say above average because it's brutal death metal. While I feel like there could be so much done with this style, its the same old, same old (Not that its bad). My expectations for brutal death metal are about as high as my expectations for fast food, just don't mess it up and I'll enjoy it. This album pretty much hits the spot.

The formula is pretty basic for brutal death metal, and the whole album kind of lacks any deviation but it's not bad. Like just about every brutal death metal band from 1998 and on, its more about the slams then anything. That's not a bad thing because its a good formula. However the only thing wrong with this album is the production. That's what always kills a good amount of death metal bands nowadays in my eyes. The drums and vocals are so overbearing they drown everything. The snare is compressed so much that its all you hear when the drum does blasts and it sounds terrible when he does his gravity blasts. The guitars and bass is pushed back and hard to hear expect during the slams.

While the guitars are quiet you can still hear the riffs and they are pretty good. Ranging from fast tremolo picks, palm muted breakdowns and fast death thrash type riffs. There is a good variety, and the songs differ. They aren't just fast part-faster part-slam repeat until they get bored. And the vocals aren't annoying after 10 seconds like more death metal bands nowadays. For a guy like the Yeti you can only expect the best. I wish he had some variation but it doesn't take away from the music.

All in all, its a good CD. It's what you come to expect from this band. The artwork is really nice and really captures the album title. And the last song is a Carnivore cover. I've honestly only heard one band do a Carnivore cover so it was nice to hear a band that resides in my city doing something as cool as that. Definitely something to look into.

Download the first three songs here!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Amazing Jimmy Morrison interview

This is just so good.

5 Way Orgasm of Death review

So I was asked to review this 5 way split featuring Waves Crashing Piano Chords, Rosy Palms, Swallowing Bile, Sunken Cheek and Foot and Mouth Disease. All these bands are from Upstate NY (Expect for Rosy Palms where one of the members is from Rochester, NY) and its a killer record.

This record is  a combination of harsh noise and in your face power electronics. My favorite has to be Waves Crashing Piano Chords and Foot and Mouth Disease because I am a total fan boy for both those artists. Waves stuff is harsh and raw like it always is and Foot and Mouths stuff is great. Their collaboration at the end of the split is fantastic. Combining the harsh Moog synth soundscapes Foot and Mouth makes with the deranged vocals of Waves Crashing is like a dream come true.

Rosy Palms, Swallowing Bile and Sunken Cheeks tracks are fantastic as well. Sunken Cheek starts the B side with some really fucked up sounds. The Rosy Palms and Swallowing Bile songs make me very uncomfortable. Especially Rosy Palms second track Flesh Temple and Swallowing Bile's first track Dejavu.

The album had to be pro-mastered because it was so noisy (Which rules in my opinion) and will hopefully be out sooner then later but you can get it from Continuum. And while your there, get the Tunes from the Toilet Vol 1 comp. 55 Bands on one 7" record featuring just about every artist on this split as well as some other great ones (Like my grindcore band Controlled by Fear).

Check out everybody's facebooks and stuff and buy some of their records! There are so many too choose from and they all rule!

Foot and Mouth Disease
Sunken Cheek
Rosy Palms
Waves Crashing Piano Chords
Swallowing Bile

Chillum - End of World CD

From the Rochester stoner/sludge metal titans Chillum have new material out. We get three new songs that will leave you impressed. Entitled End of World, Chillum takes their great gritty stoner formula and churns out some fantastic tunes.

 The CD starts off with two 4-5 minute long songs and ends with a 16 minute long stoner epic. I really like the way they do records, two shorter songs and a longer jam stoner song. I really dig the dark grooves this band has and by that I mean its got a groove but not in a really happy normal stoner way a la Electric Wizard, Sleep, etc. The vocals are also very sick going with a harsh snarl.

Download it here and check out there facebook!

Chillum - End of World
Chillum Facebook

Gorguts - Obscura

This is a band that I used to really love and hate and now just fucking love. Their early stuff is straight up death metal with their second album Erosion of Sanity being one of my favorite technical death metal albums from the golden era of death metal and they changed their sound drastically with Obscura.

Obscura is a powerhouse of an album with technical dissonant riffs all over the place and spastic drumming. At over an hour it is a challenge to listen to for the length but its great. Luc Lemays vocals sound tortured and depraved. Every instrument seems to playing on its own yet the sound is still cohesive. Gorguts is coming out with a new album this year so get psyched!

Gorguts - Obscura