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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Butthole Surfers - 1983 Bootleg

Not many bands are as debaucherous as the Butthole Surfers. I can go on a two hour rant as to why this band is so amazing down to their batshit crazy haircuts but I will only talk about the music. Beneath the wild and crazy antics of the band and the hilarious stories they have to tell is a rollercoaster ride of zany sounds that changes up nearly every release.

This is the earliest example I've heard of the Butthole Surfers. There may be recorded material earlier but the production on this is very good for what it is and while you can definitely tell its the Butthole Surfers, the sound isn't exactly what you would expect it to be in their 1983 release. First off the songs seem to have more thought out structures where stuff right after it is everywhere. Songs like Radical West and Matchstick don't sound like your average Butthole song where as something like Something and I Hate My Job is. I feel this version of Something is better then the one on the EP. The saxophone and slide guitar blend together really well making one of the most hypnotic yet upbeat drones I've heard.

If you've heard the early Butthole Stuff then you are doing yourself a disservice not checking this out. This band is one of the craziest bands to happen and while their live act and outside antics seem to proceed them underneath the mess is a really unique and complex band.

I'm Tired, I'm Frustrated, I'm Full of Shit and I Hate My Fucking Job!!!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Tommy Wright III - On The Run

I've recently been shown Tommy Wright III and his incredible style and I must say this is an instant favorite. I've always been into 90's Southern rap especially the whole Horrorcore/murder rap style that was prominent in that area. The beats on On The Run are mystical, eerie and hard. If you are a fan of production like early Three 6 Mafia this is definitely for you. Songs like Manslaughter and Last Alternative put you in a haze especially with the extremely catchy hooks. Other songs like Gangsta Forever, Getting Crunk and Die Nigga Die are "spooky" with dissonant sounding piano and orchestral lines.

The lyrics and flows on here are spot fucking on as well. TWIII's style is very fast and almost sung, a style that is known in the south especially Memphis. All the guests on the album add something to the songs, my favorites being La Chat and Project Pimp who are great in their own right. The unique thing about this album is its not totally focused on just Tommy rather 10 Wanted Men and various others from the southern Memphis scene. The lyrics focus on street life, murder, death, and various other things. As I said previously the hooks on here are on point and extremely catchy. The Bone Thugs diss is one of the best diss tracks I've heard as well. As much as I love Bone Thugs, I can't back up anything they say.

Everything by Tommy Wright III is extremely rare as it seems to be made in small quantities and re-issued only once or twice mostly on cassette as well. Getting a copy is hard and costly as they usually fetch very high prices but something like this is totally worth it. Apparently he is working on a new album. I'm only a tiny bit hesitant as TWIII has 4 near perfect releases but the question is if the beats will reminisce something similar to older styles or if he will incorporate newer and more modern sounds?

Regardless, On The Run is a classic in Southern Rap. Glad I heard these songs.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Shikabane - 7"

Japan tends to churn out some of my favorite bands. G.I.S.M., Tokyo Yankees, Gauze, S.O.B., Kuro, etc. Shikabane is one of them, being relatively underground. They were around in the 90's and 00's releasing a few records and splits. They went to play a unique blend of crust, black metal, grindcore and hardcore punk. However they did not start out like this as their first 7" is a great showcase of japanese hardcore. Crazy fast and relentless. Listening to their entire discography shows a real progression and their album Why Do You Live? Is one of my favorites. 

Check it out here. Look out for their other albums as this band is really unique.

Brainbombs - Obey

Brainbombs is a swedish noise rock band and they have been making a racket for quite a while. Think Whitehouse meets Flipper. Extremely violent and sadistic lyrics. Repetitive riffs that would fit in a rock and roll song more then a noise rock song. And the riffs are repetitive as in there is usually one riff per song and it works so well with the atmosphere and mood of the album. Their previous albums are more "noisy" per say but I think the seemingly "clean" sound of this album goes so well and when the songs drone on for 4, 5 even 7 minutes you begin to hear things that you know aren't there.

Check it out.

They are releasing a double LP this year as well you can pre-order it here.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Dark Angel - Darkness Descends

If I had to choose my favorite thrash metal band it would hands down be Dark Angel and their best album is hands down Darkness Descends. ]People like to say Slayer's Reign in Blood is a better album from 1986, however I feel its too short. Others will say Kreator's Pleasure to Kill is faster and more agressive. However the one thing that ruins that album is the awful solos and sloppiness.

Darkness Descends is a perfect example of thrash. It's fast, methodical and unrelenting. The songs are well constructed, the lyrics intelligent for this specific genre. The instrumentation on this album is top notch with Gene Hoglan showing his incredible talent on the skins. Rob Yahn shows incredible talent on the bass which is very prominent on this album (even though he left shortly after). Both guitarists have an extremely heavy tone and play intricate riffing. And of course Don Doty who has a wonderful yell. Always preferred him over Ron Rinehart.

This city is guilty, The crime is life, The sentence is death,Darkness descends!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sabbat or Morbid Angel?

Legendary black metal band Sabbat is going to playing three US dates in October. NYC on the 11th, Chicago on the 12th and LA on the 13th. The last time they played the US was 8 years ago! This is a very special event and I am contemplating going to Chicago to see this possibly once in a live time show.

However, 2013 marks the 20th anniversary of Covenant by Morbid Angel. Perhaps their most popular album by far, it is a personal favorite of mine. They will be playing the whole album followed by other songs. This will be in November.

The rest of this year looks like its going to be full of really awesome shows. I wish I had more money/time to see all these great acts. What are you looking forward to this year?

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Om - God is Good

Formed from the ashes of Sleep, Om features Al Cisneros and Chris Hakius. They are a wonderful stoner/doom band that has a lot of influence from Middle Eastern music as well as Byzantine and Tibetan chants. Great music to relax to. This album was recorded by Steve Albini with new drummer Emil Amos.


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Curse of Chucky Trailer

The new trailer for the new Chucky movie has been released and it looks like it's going to be pretty good. Nine years and what seems to be a return to form, this new Chucky movie will remind people why Chucky was scary.

It will be out September 24th on Blu-Ray and DVD. What an exciting turn for this series. It seems once a horror movie goes from horror to comedy it cannot go back, but this may be different. We will see when it comes out. 

Head of David - LP

Head of David is strange industrial band from Birmingham, England that featured Justin Broaderick of Godflesh fame. He played drums on three albums before leaving to pursue something more heavier. While not crushingly heavy like Godflesh, Head of David is still really interesting Industrial metal that focuses on rhythm then grating crushing riffs.

The bass and drums are the real gears of the machines on their debut album LP. The songs range from crazy chaotic industrial metal head bangers to slow, dirge like rituals. The guitar is either playing along or make crazy chaotic noises, and the vocals are harshly spoken, not really shouted but enunciated with a haunting tone.

If you are a fan of Godflesh you should definitely check this out. It is a bit different but still retains a strong industrial edge.

Rocket USA

Sunday, July 7, 2013

G.I.S.M. - M.A.N.

G.I.S.M. A mysterious band from Japan that has worldwide recognition as one of the first hardcore punk bands from that region. However in my opinion they were far beyond a "punk" band, but not very similar to all the heavy metal bands from around that time. They had heavy metal guitar solo's and drumming but rough and edgy production and a frightening vocalist. Their image was dark and unknown, not revealing much about themselves and creating an air of mystique around the band.

Their first album was an intense amalgamation of metal and hardcore creating something completely unique and radical for that time period. The second album saw G.I.S.M. exploring heavy metal, industrial and noise with the release of M.A.N. The production is still raw and gritty as with the previous album Detestation, but the guitars, bass and drums are more clearer. It has a more metal sound, with plenty of reverb that you can nearly swim in it. It's almost cavernous sounding and adds a lot to the songs since the style is more heavy metal then punk.

The sound in my opinion is almost "epic" NWOBHM. It is very similar to Iron Maiden at times with the galloping rhythms, wild melodic leads and extended soloing. The songs are more slower, tending to focus more on atmosphere and melodies then sheer speed and intensity. A listen to Meaning Corrupted 2 'Degeneration' shows a lighter side to G.I.S.M. with long sorrowful melodies, and an almost emotional delivery from the monstrous sounding Sakevi. Songs like Good As It Is and Meaning Corrupted 1 'Fatigue' show the Iron Maiden influence in the riffing with slick epic sounding guitar leads and melodies. The main melody to 'Fatigue' is one of the best heavy metal melodies I've ever heard in my life. It is a true headbanger, and makes me feel as if I can conquer a million man army. The same melody is repeated again on Meaning Corrupted 3 'Destruction' which starts off as more of a rough speed metal song which eventually degrades into the end of the album

The album includes two avant-garde ambient/noise tracks Anatomy Love Violence Gism and Military Affairs Neurotic. This is a showcase of the industrial/noise influence GISM has in their music and image. It's taken even further with their last album SoniCRIME TheRapy with more noise influences. These songs match the sound of the album well even though they don't really match the sound too well but the production is what kind of ties them together as well as vocalist Sakevi. His performance on this album is more mature then on Detestation with a more rougher and deeper growl that is more savage sounding then most extreme metal bands nowadays.

So we have an amazing metal album that is sorely underrated. Extremely difficult to find, yet it would be worth every penny. I implore you to check this band out more. What they have brought to heavy metal and punk is unlike what very few bands have done.

Military Affairs Neurotic

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hummingbird of Death - Show Us The Meaning of Haste

You probably know them but here they are. Great powerviolence/fastcore/hardcore from Boise, Idaho. Over the top drumming, killer riffs and vocals with a lot of power in them. If you like blast beats that are exceptionally tight, this is the band for you. Most songs clock in at around 30 seconds but they have their longer more complex pieces. Definitely not your average powerviolence/fastcore band.

Check it out

Saturday, May 11, 2013

No Zodiac - Population Control Review

No Zodiac. Bringing the hate mosh since 2009. From the city of Chicago comes the next big thing in hardcore (or at least for me) Since Harm's Way. Their album Population Control is kind of a game changer in my opinion. Mixing tough-as-fuck beatdown hardcore with the intensity of death metal and the nihilism of black metal, Population Control has a sound that is absolutely crushing.

Starting with the slow sludge-y song Rigor Mortis and exploding into the title track, the tone is set for the entire album. This band has everything that is good. Blast beats? Check. Slams? Check. Pissed off vocals? You know it.

I mean the breakdown in Population Control is probably the greatest ever made. Hatebreed ain't got nothing on these guys. The formula is right and they do it so well. The riffs are just heavy and the vocals and lyrics are so good. It's something that has to grow on you. And what I love is you can hear the death metal influences so much. The tremolo riffs in Irreversible are on par with any old school death metal band.

Check out the part at 1:14 on Track 5, Sadistic Intent. The song starts off with the heavy hardcore riffs and then goes into some ridiculous black metal riff that has an almost "epic" quality to it. And the lead melody's are awesome. You can hear an old track Non Existant redone on here. Much better quality then on the EP.

This album is almost flawless and if you've heard there earlier stuff the progression feels natural. Whatever comes after this is going to be some serious next level material. They are going on tour in Europe so go see them and buy the album here!

Facebook is here.

Out of Order - Paradise Lost LP

This is a weird album by the band Out of Order. It's not really weird as in a "psychedelic" way or an "artfag" kind of way but in a general "They did their own damn thing" weird. It sounds like if MDC in 1986 if they were from Chicago. Still damn good and the cover art is sick. It's got fast songs and it's got some almost new wave sounding jams on here.

Compared to other bands at the time, this isn't the greatest but it's not god awful.

Check it out here.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Agathocles/Drudge split

If you are into grindcore or extreme music in general you will eventually run into Agathocles sometime in your life. Most people are completely shut off from this band because of their ridiculously vast discography and generally poor recording quality. However there are some gems that everyone should check out and the one album I love out of everything else is their split with Drudge.

 It has just about every classic song from Agathocles with pretty good quality. Mincecore at its finest. Also this split includes Drudge who are just about unknown. However their side of the split rules. Crusty grindcore similar to the late 80's UK scene. Definitely can hear Chaos UK, Extreme Noise Terror and all the other UK greats in their sound.

Check it out and be on the look out for Agathocles stuff!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Brutal Truth - Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses

This band holds a special flame in my heart since they are homed in Rochester, NY. While that may not be the case now as the members live in various cities, Dan Lilker resides in Rochester and has been a great influence on metal and grind for many years. Brutal Truth was one of the first grindcore bands I heard. Their first album Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses is a knockout release. 15 tracks of bone crushing grindcore that borders on death metal at times.

While they didn't start the second wave of grindcore in a way they lead the US grindcore scene from the ashes of pioneers like Terrorizer and Repulsion. They rose through the ranks with bands like Assuck, Discordance Axis, Brujeria, Excruciating Terror and various others.

The album starts slowly with a haunting ambient intro and a sample. The first song Birth of Ignorance showcases a midpaced riff intro and the song leads into a thrash type riff which Brutal Truth uses a lot on this album as well as some heavy midpaced riffs and great tremolo picking. Songs like Stench of Profit, Walking Corpse, H.O.P.E. show the sheer speed this band shows as well as some technical riffs which Brutal Truth is known for. While most of the stuff this band has been done before by the death metal and grindcore bands before them, they use a lot of samples, power tools and noises in their songs. Also the production on this album is fantastic. Clean sounding yet not lacking any sort of heaviness. Some people cite this as a reason why this album isn't that great but it adds clarity especially during the blast sections. If you listen to From Enslavement to Obliteration it's hard to tell what's going on when they are blasting while with Extreme Conditions its pretty clear. The version I have includes a ton of bonus tracks. With bonus tracks from singles and EP's, as well as a Black Sabbath, Butthole Surfers and a few S.O.B. covers.

I have yet to check out their other albums like Need to Control and Kill Trend Suicide but I've heard they are really good and expand on the technical prowess and dissonant sounds of Extreme Conditions. Also Richard Hoak drums on those albums and he later starts Total Fucking Destruction which is another amazing band.

Check it out!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Update and Lärm - No One Can Be That Dumb

Hope everyone had a good 4/20 Record Store Day. Picked up a few neat things. Got the Filth Kick EP by Poison Idea and Ringworm Demo as well as Confuse's Nuclear Addicts boot leg and Whitehouse's Great White Death!

Today's band is the one and only Lärm! Fast straight edge hardcore punk from the Netherlands that takes no prisoners! My first encounter with this band was on their EP No One Can Be That Dumb. The sound is terrible on this. The guitars are just a sloppy pile of noise and the bass sounds like its coming through a practice amp. But the speed and ferocity of them makes this EP so great. Songs like Wodka, It's Not What it Seems to Be, Chemical Suicide, and Dollars and Roebels show how blisteringly fast this band can play. The lyrics are very politically motivated learning strongly to the left and straight edge but not coming off as whiny like modern day straightedge bands. Songs like No One Can Be That Dumb, Non Conformity, Up To You and Somewhere Over the Rainbow have lyrics about police violence, conformity and self realization. This is a precursor to what the early 90's thrashcore/powerviolence stuff would become.

As I said the guitars sound terrible and the bass kind of funny but this is still a great EP and a wonderful band. The EP after it, Nothing Is Hard in This World if You Dare to Scale the Heights is much heavier sounding and their more recent recording simply titled Lärm is a modern recording of older songs and some newer ones I believe. None the less, they broke up and formed Seein' Red and Manliftingbanner as well as some other bands but Lärm will always be my favorite.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Koriza - Koriza

This is some weird obscure metalcore/mathcore/screamo/experimental band from Russia that totally rips. The music is deep and complex but not in a nerdy progressive metal kind of way. The awesome part of this band is the dynamic of the band as they have a keyboard player who really makes this band shine adding a ton of atmosphere and variety between the crazy bass lines and tough guitar riffs. The vocals are sung in Russian and range from painful screams to quiet whispers and a lot in between.

Download it now!

Abdicate - Fragmented Atrocities

Abdicate are a brutal death metal band from Rochester, NY and with their new album they showcase some above average music. I say above average because it's brutal death metal. While I feel like there could be so much done with this style, its the same old, same old (Not that its bad). My expectations for brutal death metal are about as high as my expectations for fast food, just don't mess it up and I'll enjoy it. This album pretty much hits the spot.

The formula is pretty basic for brutal death metal, and the whole album kind of lacks any deviation but it's not bad. Like just about every brutal death metal band from 1998 and on, its more about the slams then anything. That's not a bad thing because its a good formula. However the only thing wrong with this album is the production. That's what always kills a good amount of death metal bands nowadays in my eyes. The drums and vocals are so overbearing they drown everything. The snare is compressed so much that its all you hear when the drum does blasts and it sounds terrible when he does his gravity blasts. The guitars and bass is pushed back and hard to hear expect during the slams.

While the guitars are quiet you can still hear the riffs and they are pretty good. Ranging from fast tremolo picks, palm muted breakdowns and fast death thrash type riffs. There is a good variety, and the songs differ. They aren't just fast part-faster part-slam repeat until they get bored. And the vocals aren't annoying after 10 seconds like more death metal bands nowadays. For a guy like the Yeti you can only expect the best. I wish he had some variation but it doesn't take away from the music.

All in all, its a good CD. It's what you come to expect from this band. The artwork is really nice and really captures the album title. And the last song is a Carnivore cover. I've honestly only heard one band do a Carnivore cover so it was nice to hear a band that resides in my city doing something as cool as that. Definitely something to look into.

Download the first three songs here!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Amazing Jimmy Morrison interview

This is just so good.

5 Way Orgasm of Death review

So I was asked to review this 5 way split featuring Waves Crashing Piano Chords, Rosy Palms, Swallowing Bile, Sunken Cheek and Foot and Mouth Disease. All these bands are from Upstate NY (Expect for Rosy Palms where one of the members is from Rochester, NY) and its a killer record.

This record is  a combination of harsh noise and in your face power electronics. My favorite has to be Waves Crashing Piano Chords and Foot and Mouth Disease because I am a total fan boy for both those artists. Waves stuff is harsh and raw like it always is and Foot and Mouths stuff is great. Their collaboration at the end of the split is fantastic. Combining the harsh Moog synth soundscapes Foot and Mouth makes with the deranged vocals of Waves Crashing is like a dream come true.

Rosy Palms, Swallowing Bile and Sunken Cheeks tracks are fantastic as well. Sunken Cheek starts the B side with some really fucked up sounds. The Rosy Palms and Swallowing Bile songs make me very uncomfortable. Especially Rosy Palms second track Flesh Temple and Swallowing Bile's first track Dejavu.

The album had to be pro-mastered because it was so noisy (Which rules in my opinion) and will hopefully be out sooner then later but you can get it from Continuum. And while your there, get the Tunes from the Toilet Vol 1 comp. 55 Bands on one 7" record featuring just about every artist on this split as well as some other great ones (Like my grindcore band Controlled by Fear).

Check out everybody's facebooks and stuff and buy some of their records! There are so many too choose from and they all rule!

Foot and Mouth Disease
Sunken Cheek
Rosy Palms
Waves Crashing Piano Chords
Swallowing Bile

Chillum - End of World CD

From the Rochester stoner/sludge metal titans Chillum have new material out. We get three new songs that will leave you impressed. Entitled End of World, Chillum takes their great gritty stoner formula and churns out some fantastic tunes.

 The CD starts off with two 4-5 minute long songs and ends with a 16 minute long stoner epic. I really like the way they do records, two shorter songs and a longer jam stoner song. I really dig the dark grooves this band has and by that I mean its got a groove but not in a really happy normal stoner way a la Electric Wizard, Sleep, etc. The vocals are also very sick going with a harsh snarl.

Download it here and check out there facebook!

Chillum - End of World
Chillum Facebook

Gorguts - Obscura

This is a band that I used to really love and hate and now just fucking love. Their early stuff is straight up death metal with their second album Erosion of Sanity being one of my favorite technical death metal albums from the golden era of death metal and they changed their sound drastically with Obscura.

Obscura is a powerhouse of an album with technical dissonant riffs all over the place and spastic drumming. At over an hour it is a challenge to listen to for the length but its great. Luc Lemays vocals sound tortured and depraved. Every instrument seems to playing on its own yet the sound is still cohesive. Gorguts is coming out with a new album this year so get psyched!

Gorguts - Obscura