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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

White rappers

This rapper from Buffalo or somewhere near there named Emcee M.D. posted a video from his full-length. I remember watching his previous video Happy Birthday. It's got a good message in it which I like but then you see him  rap wearing a power glove and knee pads.

The first thing that shot into my mind is "gimmick" but not because of the nerd aesthetic he has but because of his skin color. He is white and people eat that white rapper shit up a lot especially people who are racist, from shitty towns that have nothing and people that like "intelligent rap". I cringe when I hear someone say "He's the next Eminem" whether its Emcee M.D. or any white rapper like MGK, Mac Miller or Yelawolf.

The video confused me thoroughly. Basically Emcee M.D. is not going to care about what others think so it makes me feel like this is a #hatersmakemefamous thing but he says lines like:

"Your beats are lame and your raps ain't witty"
"Thought you could rap cause you saw 8 Mile"
 "Your career is sinking faster then the fucking Titanic"

These lines make me think its a diss track but who the fuck is he dissing? Some 16-year old with a USB mic? Does Emcee M.D. really have a lot of pull in Buffalo to destroy someone's burgeoning rap career? Well whomever Emcee M.D. is angry at is lucky he is turning the other cheek as he states in the song because I'm sure he will ruin your life! I just don't know why this guy thinks he is good for some reason because those lines are very elementary. Maybe he is just trolling everyone.

Is the Buffalo/Upstate NY rap scene filled with beefs and feuds? Will Emcee M.D. ever regret this track? Is Emcee M.D. actually a licensed medical professional? Who fucking knows.

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