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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Nihilistics- Discography (incomplete)

Been a minute since I updated my blog due to my new job so here is the Nihilistics!

The Nihilistics are a band that not a lot of people know about, and I don't really know much of anything about them. I know they were a staple in NYC and would frequent CBGB's. They could be considered NYHC but they have their own distinct sound that is unlike many bands from NYC back then. The thing that really separates this band is their crazy vocalist and his hateful lyrics.

Dirty motherfuckers

Originally starting as a hardcore punk band they got slower and more straight foward punk with their self-titled LP  and added more rock influences in their Bad, Dirty, Hate LP. Their 7" Inferno is even stranger, going from fast hardcore to slow chugging songs. I haven't heard of anything they have released after their Inferno 7", but they have a few more records as well as a split with Rupture (WTF?) which I will be hunting down.


Nihilistics- Nihilistics (Demo)
Nihilistics- Nihilistics LP 1983
Nihilistics- Bad, Dirty, Hate LP 1989
Nihilistics- Inferno EP 1991

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