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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

White rappers

This rapper from Buffalo or somewhere near there named Emcee M.D. posted a video from his full-length. I remember watching his previous video Happy Birthday. It's got a good message in it which I like but then you see him  rap wearing a power glove and knee pads.

The first thing that shot into my mind is "gimmick" but not because of the nerd aesthetic he has but because of his skin color. He is white and people eat that white rapper shit up a lot especially people who are racist, from shitty towns that have nothing and people that like "intelligent rap". I cringe when I hear someone say "He's the next Eminem" whether its Emcee M.D. or any white rapper like MGK, Mac Miller or Yelawolf.

The video confused me thoroughly. Basically Emcee M.D. is not going to care about what others think so it makes me feel like this is a #hatersmakemefamous thing but he says lines like:

"Your beats are lame and your raps ain't witty"
"Thought you could rap cause you saw 8 Mile"
 "Your career is sinking faster then the fucking Titanic"

These lines make me think its a diss track but who the fuck is he dissing? Some 16-year old with a USB mic? Does Emcee M.D. really have a lot of pull in Buffalo to destroy someone's burgeoning rap career? Well whomever Emcee M.D. is angry at is lucky he is turning the other cheek as he states in the song because I'm sure he will ruin your life! I just don't know why this guy thinks he is good for some reason because those lines are very elementary. Maybe he is just trolling everyone.

Is the Buffalo/Upstate NY rap scene filled with beefs and feuds? Will Emcee M.D. ever regret this track? Is Emcee M.D. actually a licensed medical professional? Who fucking knows.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Water Torture, Inerds and Bestower

Buffalo, NY is home to two individuals that really do no wrong in my opinion. Matt Goodrich (bass) and Thomas Leyh (drums) are two dudes who play in multiple bands that kick serious ass. Here are a few of them:

First up is Water Torture. I believe they originally starting as a two piece with Matt and Thomas and they have added another bass player for added loudness. Seriously loud as fuck. Thomas plays drums and does he fucking play them. His vocals are my favorite part about this band as he chooses to do shouts and screams rather then lower sounding growls. Matt is also a master of the bass and noise manipulation. Reminds me of a heavier Total Fucking Destruction especially with the frantic sounding vocals.

They have a few releases one being their self-titled and another which is titled Shellfire which came out in 2012 which is one of the best releases in 2012. They have a split with thedowngoing which they recently did a tour with, Sea of Shit, Dirt Eyes (Another Buffalo band), and Corrupt Bastards. They are also going to be on the Continuum Tunes from the Toilet Vol. 1 comp (which my band is also on).

Water Torture - Self titled (2011)
Water Torture - Shellfire! (2012)

Second up is Inerds.

Similar to Water Torture as it is drums and bass powerviolence/grindcore but they are accompanied by two vocalists Corey and Jessika who really show that chicks can seriously kick ass. Jessica was in the Buffalo band Avulsion.

Got to play with them once and they kicked ass. I currently do now know what is going on with this band. Hopefully they are still doing there thing. They got a few releases under their belts. Here are two of them.

Inerds - Choice Cuts & Stonewall

Last but not least is Bestower.

Also featuring Matt and Thomas this is more of a traditional hardcore band with four members. Fast hardcore with some slower parts. No blast beats to be found here as well just straight up punk beats which I love. I don't know if this band is still around anymore but I feel like they broke up.

Bestower - Bestower

Keep on the lookout for these bands especially Water Torture. All these downloads are on Grindcore Karaoke so go there to check out more sick grind. If I'm wrong about any of this information please correct me.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Nihilistics- Discography (incomplete)

Been a minute since I updated my blog due to my new job so here is the Nihilistics!

The Nihilistics are a band that not a lot of people know about, and I don't really know much of anything about them. I know they were a staple in NYC and would frequent CBGB's. They could be considered NYHC but they have their own distinct sound that is unlike many bands from NYC back then. The thing that really separates this band is their crazy vocalist and his hateful lyrics.

Dirty motherfuckers

Originally starting as a hardcore punk band they got slower and more straight foward punk with their self-titled LP  and added more rock influences in their Bad, Dirty, Hate LP. Their 7" Inferno is even stranger, going from fast hardcore to slow chugging songs. I haven't heard of anything they have released after their Inferno 7", but they have a few more records as well as a split with Rupture (WTF?) which I will be hunting down.


Nihilistics- Nihilistics (Demo)
Nihilistics- Nihilistics LP 1983
Nihilistics- Bad, Dirty, Hate LP 1989
Nihilistics- Inferno EP 1991

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Spoonful of Vicodin: Local Legends

One of the true Rotcore bands. If you don't know what Rotcore is, its hardcore/grindcore from Rochester from around 2003-2009.  The phrase was coined by the band 17th Class and since then all the punks in Rochester have been using it to describe basically anything from Rochester (even if it isn't hardcore/grindcore).

Guitarist Sarah and drummer Tim
Spoonful of Vicodin is a two-piece powerviolence/grindcore band that reminds me of Fear of God, Crossed Out and a bit of Larm due to how noisy they are. This band doesn't have a single song that is more then a minute long, and every song is comprised of furious blasts, crazy riffs and insane vocals. They released a demo, two splits and a self titled seven inch. They toured with Chainsaw to the Face and toured in Europe with Insect Warfare. They helped put Rochester on the map but they broke up around 2009.

Here is their Self-titled seven inch. More to come.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Fearless Iranians from Hell- Discography

Fearless Iranians from Hell are a favorite of mine. First a hardcore punk band, and then a crossover act they are unique for their image and lyrical content. The lyrics/image are from an Islamic extremists point of view but done so in a way that is tongue-in-cheek. Every album is great in its own way and you can hear the band change and get better.

This band has everything a good crossover/thrash band should have; speed, solos, and sick breakdowns that make you want to mosh all over everybody. Check it out.

Die For Allah1987
Holy War 1988
Foolish Americans 1990
Peace Through Power EP 2008

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Black Sabbath- Born Again

Black Sabbath is considered the quintessential metal band. They are in fact the first "true" metal band and the pioneers of what we call doom metal. However Black Sabbath's history is one of ups and downs. After Ozzy's departure in 1979 Black Sabbath went through several stylistic changes. The first was with Dio (RIP) in 1980 with more of a traditional heavy metal style.
 After Dio left in 1982, Former Deep Purple frontman Ian Gillan joined in and Black Sabbath took another turn.

1983's Born Again is an interesting album. Being a big Deep Purple fan I adore Ian Gillan's vocals, and the songs on here are classics.  Iommi's riffs are straight up heavy metal with a sort of hard rock edge, similar to Deep Purple. Songs like Zero the Hero and Disturbing the Priest are slower, groovier and almost frightening. Songs like Digital Bitch and Trashed are faster and have more of a rock edge to them. Their are also two instrumentals and the title track Born Again which is more softer and ballad-like yet it doesn't detract from the album at all. The diversity on this album is one of its strengths. A song like Zero the Hero is something I can hear Ozzy singing on.

What this album suffers from is production. The bass is apparent in some songs but buried in others. The snare sound is very bland and the cymbals seem detached from everything. The guitars have a nice tone but they are soaked in a lot of reverb and lack a heaviness to them. Other then that, this is a solid album. While not a master piece like Heaven and Hell, Paranoid or Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, it is a Black Sabbath album and a good one at that.

No download.

The first step...

Welcome to my blog. I have a lot to say and nowhere to say it so I've created this to document myself in a way. I also have a desire to spread my taste in music, movies, art, etc as well as shamelessly promote myself (that's what its all about isn't it?) 

In doing so I bring you the Controlled by Fear/Carpet Bomb shit demo. This band is a culmination of two years of failure, starting in 2010. My friends and I have tried numerous times to create bands and none have gone anywhere until this one. Metallic hardcore, sludge, and crust all wrapped into one. I play guitar in this band. More material in the coming weeks.